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windows 8 minimalistic desktop themeLooks like Microsoft is ditching the Aero theme in windows 8, citing that is ‘cheesy and out-dated’.  I am all for changing the look and feel of software because it helps keep things fresh.  Although I wonder what the common pc user will think of the change.  Aero was introduced into Vista and continued with Windows 7, but Windows 8 is heading back to a ‘Minimalistic’ theme, reminiscent of the Windows 2000 and XP.  Most people just switched from XP to Windows 7 and had to adjust to the style, now they have to adjust back with Windows 8 (if they choose to upgrade).  I for one am looking forward to Windows 8 because I love their Metro style design, so I plan to spend little time in the desktop environment anyway.  Hit the source link to read more about how Windows User Experience has changed over the years.


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