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I've had the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) for over a year now, and I will say that it is by far my most favorite game system ever.  I like everything about it, and they keep making it better through their software updates.  Unfortunately I have the 40gb version, which does not allow the playing of Playstation 2 games, but if I am feening for the need to play Grand Theft Auto 3 or Hitman 2, I will break my PS2 out of storage and play it.  I will also be upgrading the hard drive eventually, probably to 320gb when the price drops a little on those.  But for now, I am plenty happy with the 40gb, and still have over 25gb remaining.  I can't really complain too much about it since I won the system at a work christmas party.  Oh ya, I forgot to mention, it is a Blu Ray player too, who wouldn't want one of these.  On the gaming side the graphics are unbeatable and I cannot wait for God of War III to come out.  It's supposed to be the PS3 game to end all other PS3 games, according to Game Daily anyway.  View the God Of War III preview here.

Media Server Setup

Since the PS3 has a built in wireless connection, getting it working as a media server is quite simple, and free with a download of TVersity. TVersity is a media server that you will install on your host PC, in my case, it's in my bedroom connected to a router with a wire.  My storage drives are held on a separate computer in my office.  I installed TVersity on my bedroom PC, and set up the folders to index in the media server.  I have over 30,000 pictures, 4500 mp3's and about 25 hours of video all in this server.  For this much data to index, be sure to let it run over night just to be sure everything gets indexed.  It took mine at least 6 hours to index completely, I don't know an exact time because I went to bed and it was done in the morning.  Once it was set up, I went to the Playstation 3, turned it on, and "TVersity on {system name}" displayed under each of the menu options (video, music, pictures) in the Playstations home screen.  {system name} being the name of the computer that the server is installed on.   I was then able to browse though the folder structure of my storage drives.  Another cool feature was the ability to do a slideshow, and turn on some background music using the mp3 library.  So you get a video montage of your pictures on your nice HDTV, in my case it's the Samsung LN-T5265F 52 inch LCD tv, and my wife loves the idea of having a 52 inch digital picture frame in the house for when visitors come over.  I can also view those video clips of precious moments with my children, right on my living room TV, without having to burn them to a DVD.

Another neat feature that TVersity includes is the ability to connect to YouTube rss feeds, and other internet media sites, and be able to use that data right on the PS3.  I haven't used this feature yet, but it might be interesting to play around with.

You can also use this with the Microsoft XBox 360, Nintendo Wii, and a host of other devices.  Go here if you are interested in seeing what devices are supported, and go here if you want to see some installation instructions for some of the different devices.  I have the Wii but do not have it connected to this because there is no need in my case. 

Have fun!

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