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I prefer the app home screen in Chrome because I visit so many different websites, so I am constantly going back to this screen to hit the next site I want. In the recent versions of Chrome the apps start screen has become a button that exists in the bookmarks bar. While this if fine, I don’t like how the new tab window is recently/commonly visited sites, and only 8 of them. Like I said, I visit many more than that on a daily/weekly basis. So, I set off on a mission to get it to work like it used to, and I am mostly there.

Chrome tab apps

I have used the home button on browsers since the dawn of the internet. By default, Chrome excludes this, but at least provides an option to display it. In the settings of Chrome there is a way to tell Chrome what to do when this button is clicked. In the case below, I set it to ” chrome://apps/  “.  Doing this makes the home button always go to the apps page, which is essential for me.

ScreenHunter_10 Nov. 15 09.03 ScreenHunter_11 Nov. 15 09.04

Now, how about when Chrome starts up?  I placed the same string into opening the apps page in the “On Startup” section.  This takes care of scenario two and should work for me for now.

ScreenHunter_12 Nov. 15 09.05 ScreenHunter_13 Nov. 15 09.05

While these are effective for me for now, I am still annoyed by scenario three, which is that when I click on the new tab button at the top, or hit Ctrl+T, that it still brings me to the recently visited sites layout.  I haven’t found the setting to change this yet, so if someone is aware or has a solution, please comment.